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Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Doomsday" is tonight!

Doomsday will let us enter the minds of artists Allen Taylor and Josh Feigert. Both, connected by their love of music, will present a visual interpretation of chaotic harmony.

In his own words Josh introduces himself as "punk rock moonshine. schizophrenic dude drawing maps of every face in the world overlapping. trainyards. William S. Burroughs basement. haunted by capitalism imposed paranoia. just to feel real for a while. He does it for the kids, his kid. He draws because he can."

Allen explains to us that the drawings in Doomsday are his reactions to the inevitable creeping void into nothingness. They are the love letters to the apocalypse, cave paintings from the rapture, his view of a personal utopia, an ideal way to spend his life, and greet the end of the world.

The exhibit will run through July 3.

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