MINT Gallery is a 501(c)3 non-profit community oriented art gallery located at 145 B Sampson Street in Atlanta, GA's Old Fourth Ward. Behind the Irwin Street Market, look for the orange door.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Orderly Disorder tonight at MINT



Come support the Atlanta Zine Library and touring zinesters! 5 zinesters, as part of the Orderly Disorder Librarian Zinester reading tour, will read from their work, plus local readers Ian Deaton and Erin Basset, and finally El Fossil, Savant and Jonathan are playing!!!
These readers are touring from New Orleans to Milwaukee, so let's show them a good time in Atlanta!! Zinesters include Jenna Freedman (Lower East Side Librarian and Barnard Zine Collection); Jami Sailor (Your Secretary and Archiving the Underground); John Stevens (Dilettantes and Heartless Manipulators and Blue Floral Gusset); Celia Perez (I Dreamed I Was Assertive and Atlas of Childhood); and Debbie Rasmussen, former publisher of Bitch: Feminist Response to Popular Culture, with her latest project the Fly Away Zine Mobile.

$3 or zine suggested donation, but no one turned away for lack of funds! Donations go to fund the library (more zines!) and the tour.

*Atlanta Zine Library opening in late July at Cornbred gallery.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dance Truck with Noelle Stiles on June 25th


MINT Gallery and Dance Truck
team up to present
Portland dancemaker Noelle Stiles!

Noelle Stiles makes her debut in the SE at MINT Gallery, with a multi-media performance designed for Dance Truck.


Noelle Stiles and Blake Beckham (both alumnae of The Ohio State University) will reunite on the Dance Truck stage for a very special performance for us.


Catch a preview of Blake Beckham's PLOT, which can be experienced in its entirety July 28-31 at The Goat Farm.

Noelle is interested in how and where experience is held in the body. This interest provides a framework for extracting the corporeal language that both intimately connects and individuates us. Noelle has been working in the field of dance for over 15 years as a performer, choreographer, administrator and teacher. She has a BFA and MFA in dance. Her work has been supported by Caldera's Artist Residency program, the Regional Arts and Culture Council, the Schlesinger Fellowship, a Wexner Center for the Arts Assistantship and most recently she was selected by PICA and the NDP to travel to the Dublin Dance Festival as part of their pilot international exchange program. She has taught at The Ohio State University, the Governor’s School of North Carolina and co-founded the dance class series Heavy Rotation with Kathleen Keogh of Woolly Mammoth Comes to Dinner. She has performed and presented work at venues such as the PICA T:BA Festival, On The Boards, PWNW, Dance New Amsterdam and Links Hall. Thank you Dance Truck and MINT.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Doomsday" is tonight!

Doomsday will let us enter the minds of artists Allen Taylor and Josh Feigert. Both, connected by their love of music, will present a visual interpretation of chaotic harmony.

In his own words Josh introduces himself as "punk rock moonshine. schizophrenic dude drawing maps of every face in the world overlapping. trainyards. William S. Burroughs basement. haunted by capitalism imposed paranoia. just to feel real for a while. He does it for the kids, his kid. He draws because he can."

Allen explains to us that the drawings in Doomsday are his reactions to the inevitable creeping void into nothingness. They are the love letters to the apocalypse, cave paintings from the rapture, his view of a personal utopia, an ideal way to spend his life, and greet the end of the world.

The exhibit will run through July 3.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Leap Year applications are up!

Leap Year, facilitated by MINT, is a year long, emerging artist mentorship program that utilizes the established talent and organic connectivity of the Atlanta artistic community. Three selected artists will have the opportunity to participate in a program of development with resources culled from numerous organizations and individuals active in Georgia. Leap Year's goals are to provide space and support for emerging artists to be more thoughtful about their work and creative careers, to foster partnerships and community between various arts organizations, to create a more sustainable arts economy, and to nurture a generous artistic spirit within Atlanta.

MINT developed this collaborative effort as an extension of their mission to offer exhibition space, curatorial opportunities and other resources to artists. Leap Year will not only provide three emerging artists with timely monetary and interpersonal support, it will also help them understand how to move forward as creative individuals. Participants will be paired with two different mentors, receive free memberships to many arts related organizations in the Atlanta area, and will be able to participate in a series of workshops and discussion groups specifically tailored to their medium, background and needs. They will also receive a small stipend to be used for supplies, free studio space and opportunities for community service and public art installations. At the end of the program, the three artists will have a group exhibition to showcase their new body of work.

Preference will be given to applicants who:
1. Are not currently enrolled in a college or university
2. Have minimal solo exhibition experience
3. Have demonstrated a commitment to Atlanta's art community and can list examples
4. Are willing to remain in Georgia for the duration of Leap Year
5. Ability to commit to 2 to 5 hours per week to Leap Year programming
6. Have minimal published arts criticism
7. Have received minimal grant/private funding

To apply, visit and download the application instructions.