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Friday, November 5, 2010

Tomorrow - BOOLESH1T

On Saturday, November 6th, MINT is proud to present "BOOLESH1IT" from Nikita Gale.

The show is an exploration of the evolution of the relationship between humanity and technology. The work presented in this exhibition seeks to explore the inherently fleeting nature of being human and how human beings cope both physically and psychologically with the rapidly expanding influence and permanence of digital technology wit...hin modern human civilization. Itʼs an exploration of how the human mind negotiates the massive proliferation of information in a visually-driven, post-literate age.

The name for the show “BOOLESH1T” was inspired by George Boole, creator of Boolean arithmetic. Boolean arithmetic is a mathematical system which precipitated the development of Boolean logic, a system used in electronics that spawned the creation of virtually every digital device and website on the Internet. The Internet has gone from being a source of information and social interaction to becoming a source of, well, a lot of superfluous... “SH1T”. BOOLESH1T is ultimately a visual investigation that seeks to answer questions like “How can we as human beings continue to lead meaningful, fulfilling existences in a world that is inevitably hurtling toward complete digital automation?”

“How has this overflow of information provided by the Internet affected the ways that we think and interact with others?”
”Are we becoming less compassionate?”
”Are we growing less aware of our physical selves and our surroundings?”

The gallery space will be transformed into an interactive physical and visual manifestation of the artistʼs interpretation of the Internet. The show will feature traditional photographic prints as well as photo-based installations and mixed media works.

For more information, visit here.

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