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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Solid Gold" by the Cheap Paper Collective - This Saturday, May 22nd

From member Larissa Erin Greer:

"Just a few short months after our initial exhibition, The New Alchemy, the collective is busily preparing for our second collaborative show: Solid Gold. The goal of our first exhibition was to show how the work of individual artists could coexist within a side-by-side grouping of multifunctional interdisciplinary works. Our upcoming show is focused on the idea that the same group of individuals can shift that energy to collaborate on a singular interdisciplinary installation.

The formation of our group was a direct reaction to a rough economic climate – we worked together to support one another amidst shrinking art budgets, loss of employment, rising supply costs, and a local art community that was shuttering gallery doors and cutting creative jobs left and right. We were forced to bring our artistic practices down to the very essence of what we wanted to share with others, which brought up a discussion littered with ideas of worth and value, failed systems of commerce and patronage, and everyday people starving for some kind of positive mental stimulation to inspire them through hard times.

The installation itself is an explosion of paper, sound, performance and new media. The opening and closing receptions are essentially giant “happenings,” with the participating artists on hand for performances, the creation of on-the-spot original commissioned works and plenty of patron-to-artist dialogue. We are providing art, but also an intriguing, all-encompassing experience.

We are inviting Atlanta’s community to check their financial stresses at the door, and to take some time to participate in the idea of pure experience, human connection and free exchange. Viewers are invited to interact with the installation, selecting pieces from it to take home with them, and ultimately shaping the installation itself. The artists have chosen to encourage new forms of patronage by rejecting the idea of pricing artwork, and opening up to consider any and all forms of payment and barter that participants bring to the table. Make us an offer. We want you to engage with us, and take home your own piece of Solid Gold. "

Cheap Paper is: Emma Adair, Katie Coleman, Patrick Davis, Jane Garver, Robin Gillis, Larissa Erin Greer, Joe Karg, Kelly McKernan, Meriam Salem, Geoffrey Smith, and Amy Yochum

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